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  • How to Remove Car Polish?

    Car polish and waxes can build up over time and at the same time it requires removal to maintain the paint finish and prevent oxidation. According to some researches, a solvent has the ability to strip the pol but may also damage the pain, so a low-abrasive wax remover must be utilized. In addition to this, the average detailer can strip waxes and polish from most vehicles in just an hour. For those car owners who want to remove the polish of their cars, it is very important that they have an apparent and superior understanding on how to properly remove it without encountering any hassles and difficulties. Here, you will know and learn some of the effective and proven steps to remove car polish. Check these out:

    • The first thing that you need to do is to rub a bit of rubbing compound to a limited area of the paint. Rubbing compound has the ability to remove oxidation, waxes and polish from the paint once worked in. In addition to this, electric polishers can be utilized but the aggressive action of rubbing it by hand will eliminate more polish. More compounds can be applied to fully work off any polishes.
    • The next thing to do is to remove the rubbing compound from the active area. It is highly recommended to work on one are at a time. This will allow the compound to dry slightly before rubbing off with a soft towel. Once the compound has been removed, a dramatic contrast should be noticeable between the unfinished panels and worked area.
    • Then, continue to rub compound into all painted sections of your car and finish them individually. A second session can eliminate any latent polish but rubbing compound can also remove paint especially if used liberally.
    • Scrub the car by moving your hand in circular motions. It is very important to apply enough pressure to start taking off the polish, but ease up if you feel you may be damaging the paint of your car. It is best to stop so often and check the results to make sure that you are not scrubbing too hard.
    • Rinse your car and repeat the procedure. After cleaning off your car, rinse it thoroughly and see how much polish is left. Keep cleaning with the rubbing compound until you completely remove the polish.
    • Rinse your car a final time and allow it to dry in the sun.

    It is true that car polish makes your car look shiny, clean and impressive, but if your car polish has left a streaky or hazy film on your car’s paint job, you will need to know the proper way to remove it. The items that you will need in removing the polish of your car include microfiber cloth and rubbing compound.

    The steps that are mentioned above will greatly help you to easily and quickly remove the polish of your car in no time. Follow these steps and be amazed with the results.

  • Stack-On GS-8 8-Gun Safe Review

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    Stack-On GS-8 8-Gun SafeIn the world of gun safes, the choices are numerous. If you’re the owner of rifles or shotguns, you’ll need a tall safe to store all of them, and you’ll want something proved to be safe and secure. The Stack-On GS-8 8-Gun Safe is one of the better known gun safes on the market, and the team at Best Gun Safe Reviews decided to take a look at it and find out why.

    Stack-On GS-8 8-Gun Safe Overview

    • Exterior dimensions: 53 x 15.5 x 12.5″ (Height/Width/Depth)
    • Interior dimensions: 52 x 15 x 9.5″
    • Weight: 115 lbs
    • Capacity: 8 guns
    • Lock: Mechanical combination lock
    • Security: 3 live-locking door bolts; concealed hinges
    • Includes fastening hardware; 3 pre-drilled holes in the back and 6 in the bottom
    • Includes 1 removable shelf; barrel rests; standoffs; fully carpeted interior and padded floor
    • Approved by the California Department of Justice (DOJ).

    Stack-On GS-8 8-Gun Safe — Is It Secure Or What?

    The GS-8 is a mechanical combination lock gun safe with a drill-resistant steel plate behind the lock. The hinges are all completely concealed, making it nearly impossible to pry open, and it has 3 pry-proof locking bolts for added security. It also comes with included anchoring hardware, which is a must for safes under 600 lbs, so I would highly recommend having a place to anchor it down. It is of small enough size and weight that you might consider installing it somewhere with little room for anyone to be able to pry it open; this goes a long way toward adding security to lighter gun safes like the GS-8. The body of the safe is comprised of heavy-gauge steel and is completely solid. Although this is a mid-range safe, it is very secure if you take the time to choose a good place to install it and anchor it down with the included hardware. Anyone but an expert thief would have a very difficult time getting inside of this thing.

    We did find that the combination dial is a bit “sticky” which is nothing big, but is probably due to a lack of bearings. It is still easy enough to turn the dial.

    In conclusion, the Stack-On GS-8 is exactly what it’s advertised as: a great economy gun safe. If you’re looking for a secure gun safe on a budget, you can’t really go wrong with this one. However, if you’re looking for something with a little more capacity or a little extra security, you may want to consider a larger gun safe. The GS-8 is very adequate for most purposes, though.

    What we loved about the Stack-On GS-8:

    • Very economically priced
    • Included fastening gear makes it simple to bolt down
    • Customer service from Stack-On is top notch

    What we didn’t like as much:

    • The combination dial is a bit sticky
    • Green painted color may be a bit tacky for some people

    This gun safe is for:

    • People with a moderately sized gun collection
    • Those looking for a quality but inexpensive gun safe
  • 7th Pay Commission News

    The cabinet has approved the 7th pay commission recommendations. Most of the recommendations made in the report released in November 2015 have been accepted by the government.

    But the government employees are unhappy with the increase given by the commission. It is the lowest ever in all pay commissions held till date.

    The commission has recommended 2.57 multiplying factor for all. You can calculate your salary with this calculator here.

    Many of the unions have decided to go on strike in coming days.