Car polish and waxes can build up over time and at the same time it requires removal to maintain the paint finish and prevent oxidation. According to some researches, a solvent has the ability to strip the pol but may also damage the pain, so a low-abrasive wax remover must be utilized. In addition to this, the average detailer can strip waxes and polish from most vehicles in just an hour. For those car owners who want to remove the polish of their cars, it is very important that they have an apparent and superior understanding on how to properly remove it without encountering any hassles and difficulties. Here, you will know and learn some of the effective and proven steps to remove car polish. Check these out:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to rub a bit of rubbing compound to a limited area of the paint. Rubbing compound has the ability to remove oxidation, waxes and polish from the paint once worked in. In addition to this, electric polishers can be utilized but the aggressive action of rubbing it by hand will eliminate more polish. More compounds can be applied to fully work off any polishes.
  • The next thing to do is to remove the rubbing compound from the active area. It is highly recommended to work on one are at a time. This will allow the compound to dry slightly before rubbing off with a soft towel. Once the compound has been removed, a dramatic contrast should be noticeable between the unfinished panels and worked area.
  • Then, continue to rub compound into all painted sections of your car and finish them individually. A second session can eliminate any latent polish but rubbing compound can also remove paint especially if used liberally.
  • Scrub the car by moving your hand in circular motions. It is very important to apply enough pressure to start taking off the polish, but ease up if you feel you may be damaging the paint of your car. It is best to stop so often and check the results to make sure that you are not scrubbing too hard.
  • Rinse your car and repeat the procedure. After cleaning off your car, rinse it thoroughly and see how much polish is left. Keep cleaning with the rubbing compound until you completely remove the polish.
  • Rinse your car a final time and allow it to dry in the sun.

It is true that car polish makes your car look shiny, clean and impressive, but if your car polish has left a streaky or hazy film on your car’s paint job, you will need to know the proper way to remove it. The items that you will need in removing the polish of your car include microfiber cloth and rubbing compound.

The steps that are mentioned above will greatly help you to easily and quickly remove the polish of your car in no time. Follow these steps and be amazed with the results.